Sultan Umar vs Ryan Truong

Sultan Umar vs Ryan Truong at Pinnacle Combat XXIII

Sultan Umar vs Ryan Truong MMA Fight From PC23 at the Five Flags Arena on April 29 in Dubuque, Iowa

Sponsored By Edward Jones

Ryan Truong is an explosive fighter who is guaranteed to light up the crowd with his performances, which are usually quick, decisive and highly memorable. He is incredibly strong, and he uses his sharp wrestling and heavy hands to create finishes early in the fight. He has been on a tear since losing his pro debut and doesn’t show any sign of slowing as he faces Sultan Umar in this contest. Umar is undefeated as a pro after going 5-0 as an amateur, he has never tasted defeat inside a cage. He has very heavy hands and stellar grappling. These two fighters are the undisputed future of the division, and this fight will come down to the wire as two competitors who aren’t used to losing in any aspect of their athletic careers go toe to toe.



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