Pinnacle Combat 27 – Friday, January 19th, 2018

Damon Dann vs Matt Curry : Curry wins by Unanimous Decision

Jeremy Greve vs Zech Heller : Greve wins by Rear Naked Choke 2:44 Rnd #1

Andrew Johnson vs Devon Jackson : Johnson wins by Rear Naked Choke 1:35 Rnd #3

Kendall Gibbs vs Nathan Johansen : Gibbs wins by KO 30 seconds Rnd #1

Dominic Taus vs Dylan Forkner : Forkner wins by KO 24 seconds Rnd #1

Jeff Jepsen vs Sean Johnson : Jepsen wins by Rear Naked Choke 2:23 Rnd #1

Joe Bentalha vs Chase Bennett : Bennett wins by KO 4:55 Rnd #1

Adam Schumacher vs Earnest Walls : Walls wins by Referee stoppage due to strikes 2:28 Rnd #1

Mark Stoddard vs Jonathon Thomson : Stoddard wins by Armbar 1:06 Rnd #1

Pinnacle Combat XXII – January 23, 2016

Jerramy Vasquez def Ryan Laird by standing guillotine, 0:58 Rnd 1
Keegan Witbeck def Spencer Dress by head-kick knockout, 2:40 Rnd 1
August Hadenfeldt def Miquario Sanders by tapout (strikes), 1:39 Rnd 1
Jeff Jepsen def Troy Marvin by armbar, 2:35 Rnd 1
Adam Gilligan def Micheal Fish by TKO, 0:46 Rnd 1
Dalton Grinstead def Chris Shea by tapout (strikes), 2:48 Rnd 1
John Ramirez def Ryan Warczynski by ref stoppage (strikes), 2:16 Rnd
– Ramirez is the new Lightweight Amateur champ!

Mike Demakes def David Hartline by unanimous decision
Austin Hubbard def Demian Papagni by verbal submission, 0:40 Rnd 2
Mark Sainci def Travis Holt by TKO, 3:11 1st round
Eric Wisely vs Dustin Parrish – Draw

Pinnacle Combat XXI – August 21, 2015

Alex Gonzales defeated Drew Railsback 2:49 Rnd 2 by Rear Naked Choke
Ryan Warczynski defeated Royal Broman 0.42 Rnd 1 by TKO
Dalton Grinstead defeated Ethan Dowd 2:18 Rnd 2 by Triangle
Collin Heidemann defeated Joe Bentalha 1:43 Rnd 1 by heel hook /// Collin is the new Amateur Welter Weight Champion

Ryan Truong defeated Jasen Kennedy 1:30 Rnd 1 by TKO … Tapout due to strikes
Jeremy Castro defeated Demian Papagni 1:37 Rnd 3 by Kimura
Erik Vo defeated Patrick King 2:44 Rnd 1 by TKO
Shawn West defeated Tom Ahrens 1:14 Rnd 1 by KO – Flying Knee
Cole Williams defeated Jon Kennedy 3:36 Rnd 1 Referee stoppage due to strikes
Eric Wisely defeated Cliff Wright, Jr 5:00 Rnd 5 Unanimous Decision /// Eric remains the Lightweight Champion

Pinnacle Combat XX – July 31, 2015

Kevin Carter defeated Chris Shea = 36 sec Rd 1 via Triangle choke
Patrick Rashad defeated Michael Thrailkill = 35 sec Rd 1 Rear Naked choke
Troy Marvin defeated TJ Medina = 1:05 min Rd 1 Arm Triangle choke
Richard Glenn defeated Kyle Waechter = 45 sec Rd 1 Referee stoppage due to strikes

Devoniere Jackson defeated Quinton McCottrell = Unanimous decision (all 3 rounds)
Parnell Davis defeated Brian Vaughn, Jr = 5 min Rd 1 Disqualification / equipment failure
Marcel TongVan defeated Omar Choudhury = 1:21 min Rd 3 Referee stoppage due to strikes
Brandon Ball defeated Devon Gonzalez = 18 sec Rd 3 Rear Naked Choke
Bill Kamery defeated Donald Williams = 4:20 min Rd 2 Rear Naked choke

Pinnacle Combat XIX – March 13, 2015

Andrew Johnson defeated Kirk Sallis – 1:37 Rnd #1 by Armbar
Samantha Diaz defeated Chloe Bonar – 2:49 Rnd #2 by Armbar
Chase Bennett defeated Jacob Klein – 1:17 Rnd #2 by Triangle Choke
Khiry Hopkins defeated Jeff Jepsen – Split decision
Devon Gonzalez defeated Jacobi Branich – 2:35 Rnd #1 by Rear Naked Choke
Brandon Ball defeated Sayarath – 1:10 Rnd #1 by Front Choke
Parnell Davis defeated Jesse Nunez – 2:36 Rnd #1 by Rear Naked Choke
Larry DiGiulio defeated Marc TongVan – Split decision
Eric Wisely defeated Jared Downing – Split decision; Eric remains Lightweight Champion

Pinnacle Combat XVIII – January 24, 2015

Eric Shelton def Erik Vo – RNC 1:09 2nd Rnd
Cole Williams def Devoniere Jackson – Flying Arm Bar 2:36 1st Rnd
Taurean Bogguess def Anthony Baccam – Arm Bar 0:45 2nd Rnd
Ryan Truong def Ben Miller – TKO 1:53 1st Rnd
Nick Pierce def Chance Maclin – Ref Stoppage: Strikes 2:22 2nd Rnd
Chance Crestinger def Dalton Grinstead – TKO 1:20 1st Rnd
Adam Gilligan def Chris Stryker – RNC 1:02 1st Rnd
Austin Hubbard def Otis Brumfield – TKO 2:45 3rd Rnd
Jacob Klein def Joe Bentalha – Arm Bar 1:22nd Rnd
Jeff Jepsen def Adam Rice – Arm Bar 2:04 1st Rnd
Jack Edens Jr. def. Michael Thrailkill – TKO 0:44 1st Rnd

Pinnacle Combat XVII – October 4, 2014

Bill Kamery def. Adam Schumacher – 2:31, 1st Round – Submission-Rear-Naked Choke
Mark Stoddard def. Shamar Bailey – 1:44, 1st Round – TKO
Jordan Johnson def. Ryan Scheeper – 0:32, 1st Round – Submission-Punches
Marcel TongVan def. Devante Kyse – 2:00, 1st Round – Submission-Kimura
Damien Childress def. Luis Saldana – 5:00, 3rd Round – Decision-Unanimous
Brandon Ball def. Travis Holt – 5:00, 3rd Round – Decision-Unanimous

Wreckless Intent – May 9, 2014

Loyd Williams def. Miguel Modeste – 2:50, 2nd Round – Guillotine
Ryan Warcynski def. Calvin Widner – 2:39 1st Round – Ref Stoppage
Joe Benthalha def. Bryan Titus – 0:22 1st Round – KO
TJ Burghy def. Adam Rice – 1:40 2nd Round – Guillotine
Dalton Grinstad def. Brandon Tade – 0:56 2nd Round – RNC
Adam Gilligan def. AJ Masters – 1:22 1st Round – RNC
Mark Sainci def. Armondo Balderon – 2:01 1st Round – TKO
Adam Schumacher def. Benjamin Miller – 1:21 1st Round – Arm & Head Choke
Erik Vo def. Stanton Gavia – 2:42 1st Round – RNC
TJ O’Brien def. Jacob Volkmann – 2:43 Round – Guillotine
Kenny Jordan def. Taurean Bogguess – Unanimous Decision

Pinnacle Combat XIV

Pro Results
Demian Papagni defeated David Hartline – Doctor stoppage after 1st rd due to a cut
Jordan Sanford vs Jeff Behnke – Cancelled
Adam Schumacher defeated Julian Collins – 1st rd 0:25 guillotine choke
(Bantamweight Championship) Larry DiGiulio defeated DJ Sykora – Unanimous decision
(Welterweight Champioship) Mark Stoddard defeated Tristan Hunsburger – 1st rd 2:28 armbar

Amateur Results
Dalton Grimstead defeated Adam Rice – 1st rd 2:20 Rear Naked Choke
Nick Pierce defeated Jason Schaeffer – 2nd rd 1:30 TKO
Travis Nelson defeated Pedro Nunez – 1st rd 0:26 ref stoppage due to injury (hip dislocation)
Tao Duarte defeated TJ Burghy – Unanimous decision
Eric Thomas defeated Josiah Molina – Split decision
Adam Gilligan defeated Jasen Kennedy – 1st rd 0:23 TKO
(Welterweight Championship) Colton Martin defeated Darnell Meekins – 1st rd 2:54 armbar

Pinnacle Combat XIII

Amateur Results
BJ Kahler def Jason Adams 2:39 – 1st Arm Bar
Travis Nelson def Alex Vega Rd 1:30 – 1st TKO
Josiah Molina def Jamie Tigges 0:39 – 1st TKO
Nick Pierce def Khiry Hopkins 2:54 – 1st TKO
Seth Hines vs. Mike Zdanczewicz – Canceled
Darnell Meekins def Eric Thomas 2:35 – 3rd Tapout due to RNC

Pro Results
Jordan Sanford def Nick Renfro 1:28 – 1st KO
David Severe def Aron Hingtgen 2:39 – 2nd Tapout due to an Achilles Lock
Erik Vo def Justin Robbins – Split Decision
Derrick Mehmen def Dewerdt – Unanimous Decision
Matt Wikoff def Adam Schumacher 3:40 – 1st TKO
Professional Lightweight Championship
Eric Wisely def Jeremy Castro 0:29 – 1st TKO

Results for Pinnacle Combat XII

Amateur Card:
Anthony Olalde def Jerramy Vasquez Rd 1 1:12 Tapout (Rear Naked Choke)
Rashaad South def Jesse Rogers Rd 1 1:32 Ref Stoppage (Strikes)
Jamie Tigges def Chris Shea Rd 1 2:29 Tapout (Rear Naked Choke)
Mark Sainci vs Jason Crouse (This fight was scratched from the card)
Josh Milligan def Alex Vega Rd 1 0:39 Tapout (Strikes)
Darnell Meekins def Michael Zdanczewicz Rd 1 1:07 Tapout (Rear Naked Choke)
Eric Thomas def Adam Gilligan Rd 2 1:50 Tapout (Rear Naked Choke)

Pro Card
Gino Digiulio def Jordin Hinman Rd 3 Judges Decision
Eric Perry def Ryan Truong Rd 1 3:52 Tapout (Rear Naked Choke)
Mark Stoddard def Aron Hingtgen Rd 1 3:03 Ref Stoppage (Strikes)

Welterweight Championship
Tristin Hunsberger def Lonnie Scriven Rd 1 3:36 Ref Stoppage (Strikes)

Featherweight Championship
Taurean Bogguess def Adam Schumacher Rd 1 3:02 Tapout

Pinnacle Combat X – April 27, 2012

Adam Schumacher def Travis Holt – 2nd Round Arm Bar
Jay Buck def Joe VeDepo – 1st Round Standing Guillotine
Lonnie Scriven def Aron Hingtgen – 2nd Round TKO – Ref Stoppage
Ryan Leick def Eric Keeler – 1st Round Submission

Amateur Fights
Adam Gilligan def Jake Palmer – 2nd Round Submission – Strikes
Micah Gray Fulton def Caleb Smith – 2nd Round Rear Naked Choke
Josh Milligan def Jamie Tigges – 2nd Round Ref Stoppage – Strikes
Ryan Castro def Jeremy Vasquez – 1st Round Submission – Strikes
Chris Shea def Jason Adams – 1st Round Guillotine

Pinnacle Combat IX – January 27, 2011

Bantamweight Championship
DJ Sykora vs Adam Schumacher

Lightweight Championship
Brian Geraghty vs Beau Laughridge

Jeremy Castro vs Tristen Hunsberger
Dan Almeida vs Shawn West
Aron Hingtgen vs Brent Sisson
Darnell Meekins vs Micah Gray Fulton
Adam Gilligan vs Jeremy Vasquez
Jamie Tigges vs Rick Allendorf
Galen Abitz vs Brandon Priest
Cody Hartman vs Clay Cruz
Anthony Stowers vs Mitch Genek

Pinnacle Combat VIII – September 10, 2011

Welterweight Championship
Cole Williams defeats Jason Pierce
via SD in 5 rounds

Pro Fights:
Mike Hebdon defeats Ryan Leick via submission
Jeremy Castro defeats David Hartline via submission
Steve Dau defeats Eric Hammerich via submission
Tim Soto defeats Brent Sisson via UD

Amateur Fights:
Nathan Birdsill defeats Jordan Loy via submission
Adam Gilligan defeats Travis Gateway via TKO
Shane Burtzlaff defeats David Raymond via submission
Jeremiah Sample defeats Jamie Tigges via submission
Tony Guerrero defeats Dennis Sherman via submission
Darnell Meekins defeats Warren Lundgren via MD3
Brandon Priest defeats Jake Richardson via TKO

Pinnacle Combat VII – May 7, 2011

Bantamweight Championship – DJ Sykora defeats Lloyd Carter via submission guillontine
see Sykora on YouTube
Adam Schumacher defeats Erik Vo via submission rnc for #1 Contender
Ryan Leick defeats Mike Hebdon via submission triangle
Tristen Hunsberger defeats Jordin Hinman via submission to strikes
Brent Sisson defeats Brandon Burke via majority decision

Amateur Fights:
Andrew Gartin defeats Creighton Kinny via submission rnc
Tyson Sulzberger defeats Tim Schmitz via TKO-referee stoppage
Shane Burtzlaff defeats Alex Wolf via submission rnc
Jordan Loy defeats Jerramy Vasquez via submission to strikes
Andrew Wolf defeats Hunter Burghy via medical TKO-doctor stoppage
Adam Gilligan defeats Jared Hasken via TKO

Pinnacle Combat VI  – October 9, 2010

Brian Geraghty remains the Lightweight Champion over Jeremy Castro after refereee stoppage at 4:35, Round 4
Jason Pierce wins the Welterweight Title over Beau Laughridge with unanimous decision after all 5 Rounds
Adam Schumacher defeated Joey Nguyen via arm bar at 0:26 seconds, Round 1
Mark Stoddard defeated David Hartline via unanimous decision after all 3 Rounds
Ryne Vincent defeated David Severe via arm bar at 1:15, Round 1
Ryan Leick defeated Robert Matthiessen via referee stoppage at 2:26, Round 1
Mike Hebdon defeated Ryan Castro via arm bar at 1:02, Round 1
Jeff Bates defeated TJ Burghy via tapout/arm bar at 1:03, Round 1
Andrew Bush defeated Logan Taylor via Guillotine choke at 2:40, Round 1
Hunter Burghy defeated Codie Fisher via rear naked choke at 2:59, Round 1
Shane Burtzlaff defeated Jaron Davis via TKO strikes at 2:19, Round 3
Jamie Tigges defeated Kory Folk via referee stoppage at 2:42, Round 2

Pinnacle V – June 5, 2010

Brian Geraghty defeated John Strawn via Guillotine choke – 4:27 – 3rd round – to become 1st lightweight champion
DJ Sykora defeated Joe Pearson via Guillotine choke – 1:11 – 1st round
Bill Kamery defeated Lawrence Digiulio via rear naked choke – 2:44 – 3rd round
Jeremy Castro defeated Demian Papagni via Guillotine choke – 3:56 – 1st round
Aron Hingtgen defeated Travis Nath via Guillotine choke – 1:17 – 1st round
Brad Floyd defeated Erik Vo via ref stoppage – 3:24 – 2nd round
Andrew Gartin defeated Ryan Leick via rear naked choke – 2:11 – 2nd round
Ben Parsons defeated Kyle Goodsman via Guillotine choke – :45 – 1st round
Josh Haupert defeated TJ Burghy via split decision – full 3 rounds
Chris Weitz defeated Ryan Castro via Kimura submission – 2:35 – 1st round
Jordan Loy defeated Hunter Burghy via unanimous decision – full 3 rounds

Pinnacle IV – February 27, 2010

Jared Downing defeats Ramiro Hernandez, Jr. via unanimous Judges decision all 3 rounds

Jake Klemme defeated Adam Schumacher via dr stoppage rd. 1
Jeremy Castro defeated Bryan Fielder via ref. stoppage rd. 1
D.J. Sykora defeated Mike Gravila via ref. stoppage rd. 3
Kyle Goodsman defeated Randy Meade via arm bar submission rd. 1
Mike Hebdon defeated Ryan Leick via arm bar submission rd. 1
Dustin Jaeger defeated Andrew Gartin via rear naked choke rd. 1
Ben Culbertson defeated Brandon Schaefer via verbal submission rd. 2
R.D. Dillon defeated Jeremy Rice via verbal submission rd. 1
Chris Craven defeated Chad Ray via rear naked choke rd. 1
Mark Stoddard defeated Kory Folk via verbal stoppage rd. 3

Pinnacle III – November 13, 2009

Eric Wisely defeats Scott McAfee
Joe Pearson defeats Adam Schumacher

Mark Long defeats Aron Hingtgen
John Strawn defeats Willie Dale
Ryan Leick defeats Sean Varner
Dan Almeida defeats Travis Holt
Cade Parks defeats Chris Huling
Todd VanSyoc defeats Alan Mussmann
TJ Burghy defeats Tim Rouse

Mainstream 11 – August 22, 2009

Light Heavyweight Championship
9. Derrick Mehmen defeats Todd Monaghan via ref. stoppage rd. 1

8. Cole Williams defeats Evan Marks via unanimous decision
7. Jason Sink defeats Aron Hingtgen via ref stoppage rd. 3
6. Adam Shumacher defeats Jeremy Rice via triangle choke rd. 1
5. Jeremy Castro defeats Ryne Vincent via guillotine choke rd. 3
4. Andrew Gartin defeats Kyle Goodsman via RNC rd. 2
3. Ryan Leick defeats D J Stiffler via triangle choke rd. 1
2. Dan Almeida defeats Nathan Birdsill via KO rd. 1
1. David Hartline defeats Tim Rouse via triangle choke rd. 1

Pinnacle Combat II ‘Meltdown’ – April 25, 2009

14. Eric Wisely defeated Cole Williams by submission, round 2
13. DJ Sykora defeated Eric Vo by submission, round 2
12. Todd Monaghan defeated Brent Stepanek by TKO, round 1
11. Aron Hingtgen defeated Karl Kelly by TKO, round 3
10. Bill Kamery defeated Chris Lane by submission, round 1
9. Evan Marks defeated Andre Case by KO, round 2
8. DJ Sykora and Eric Vo declared no contest, round 2
7. Cliff Wright defeated Jeremy Castro by submission (triangle), round 2
6. Kyle Goodsman defeated Andrew Clayton by submission, round 1
5. Nathan Birdsell defeated Jeff Jepson by decision after 3 rounds
4. DJ Stiffler defeated Creighton Kinny, stoppage due to injury, round 2
3. Ryan Leick defeated David Hartline by submission (triangle), round 2
2. Mitch Tiesman defeated Chuck Luensman by TKO, round 2
1. Galen Abitz defeated Brian Walker by decision after 3 rounds