Pinnacle Combat XXIII Update: Mehman Out of PC23

Rib Injury Takes Mehman out of PC 23 Fight Card, Vo Vs. Brooks to Replace

Slated as the main event, Mehman Vs. Cleveland, will not headline Pinnacle Combat 23 on the Pro Fight Card. Due to a rib injury, Derrick Mehman is unable to make his return to Pinnacle Combat for the first time since 2013. Derrick Mehman, who fights out of Cedar Rapids, Iowa,  is 19-7 in his MMA Career and 2-0 with Pinnacle Combat.

In place of Mehman Vs. Cleveland, Erik Vo will be fighting Jarred Brooks at the Bantamweight class. Erik Vo will be looking to give 8-0 Brooks his first loss but Brooks imposes a tough matchup. This fight is going to be a wild one.

Stay tuned for more updates…

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