Drew Railsback vs De'Angelo Madison

Drew Railsback vs De’Angelo Madison at Pinnacle Combat XXIII

Drew Railsback vs De’Angelo Madison MMA fight from PC23 at Five Flags Arena on April 29th, in Dubuque, IA.

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A technicality pulled this fight off of Pinnacle’s last amateur card, and these two fighters have been chomping at the bit for a chance to face each other ever since. It’s been a friendly rivalry so far but that may change once the punches fly. Drew Railsback is a Dubuque fighter and a Brazilian jiu-jitsu blue belt who has won titles in kickboxing. He is one of the most well rounded amateurs on the card and has an extremely developed skill set. De’Angelo Madison is a very tough fighter who isn’t afraid to throw caution to the wind and trade with his opponents in the center of the cage. The fans and the fighters have been waiting a while for this one, and it won’t disappoint as to very high level athletes at the top of their game face off.


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