Castro versus Bogguess

Between training partners it’s often an unspoken but ever present, question: Who really is best? These two former teammates are fixing to find out after taking out some of the Midwest’s finest over their long and storied careers. Jeremy Castro’s resurgence back up the ladder of pinnacle combats contender board can be attributed to a drop in weight class where he finds himself quicker, stronger and more durable. November 4 Castro will be settling into his new weight class as he prepares to game plan on how to beat former pinnacle combat featherweight champion Taurean “The Brick” Bogguess. Bogguess is back and determined to take back the belt he truly believes belongs to him and he has no qualms about taking out his former sparring partner along the way. Bogguess has made a reputation for himself as the kind of guy who will take any fight anywhere anytime, and his unquenchable aggression and impossibly strong chin ensure that he’s rarely, if ever, outgunned. With over 50 fights between them, these are two of the most experienced fighters in the business and this meeting of old friends is going to be every bit as technical as it will be violent.
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